Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First blooms.

I have to confess, I just do not have a green thumb. My attempts to grow plants in the past have always ended up in disaster, lol! But when we bought our first house late of last year, I vowed to take gardening seriously, lol! Or maybe at least develop some sincere interest in it. Hubby is starting our small vegetable garden and I'm excited to help him plant the veggies and take care of them. I also wanted to plant some really nice and colorful flowers in our yard, in addition to these really pretty creeping phlox in purple and the yellow ones which unfortunately I do not know the name of just yet, lol! Well, ok, I didn't plant them alright,lol! The previous owners did and they just kinda blossomed when the weather started to get a bit warmer. I may not be the one who planted them but I sure am the one taking care of them now. Sure that counts, right? Anyway, we will try to plant new flowers this weekend for our front yard. I'm excited, especially since hubby bought me some new girly gardening paraphernalia last Mom's Day! Awesome! I'm more than ready to do this!

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AdinB said...

Those are some lovely blooms ate Jhen. :) Suck pretty, pretty flowers. Diria nalang ko ni comment ate Jhen ha kay nakacomment nako sa Glass Dharma. :)