Friday, May 17, 2013

Wooden wheelbarrow for yard work.

Most men are quite handy and I’m lucky that my hubby is one of them. Recently, he built a wooden wheelbarrow with sturdy straight hand wheels. We are doing work with our yard because we wanted to grow some veggies and plant flowers this year. The wheelbarrow comes in handy. We use it to haul withered plant stalks that I pruned, small rocks buried in our little veggie garden area and with so many things that we needed to dispose to the garbage. It just made yard work so much easier. Well, I’m sure we could get one already made at some garden and home improvement stores but I can see the satisfaction and fulfillment on hubby’s face after he’s seen his work so I think that’s what’s more important. He likes to do home projects and this was just one of the many that he plans to do in the future.

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