Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting rid of little critters.

I used to watch a show on TV called “Infested”. The pests that infest in those houses featured on that reality show was just unbelievably gross. Hubby asked why did I keep watching it if it grossed me out, lol! A very good question! Well, because it made me aware of the existence of those destructive pests and I saw how those pesky little monsters actually affected the lives of real people in such a horrible way. I think I had enough knowledge of it that when we bought our first house last year, my first concern was whether the house is pest-free.

We went through a lot of things to reassure ourselves that we’re buying a house free of bugs and any other crawling insects. We didn’t take home inspection lightly. We thought paying a couple of extra bucks more would be worth it if it means giving us the peace of mind we need for our very first big purchase. On the other hand, on our part we also do some ways to keep pests from getting inside the house. Before we moved in, hubby had set off some bug bombs in the areas where the previous owner’s dog usually hang out. He also sealed off possible entryways by caulking those cracks and crevices. He made sure the screen doors are still in good condition, checked for holes and replaced the worn out ones. Our next winter’s supply of firewood isn’t anywhere near the house. It’s not even in the garage or shed. He stacked them neatly on piles of wooden pallets in a safe distance from the house. And most importantly, we tried to keep the house clean and dry. There’s nothing more effective than preventing them from being attracted to food and water in the first place. Hubby knows his way about plumbing too so he made sure there were no leaky faucets and no accumulation of standing water.

However, if for some reason despite all the efforts of controlling pests, we would still end up having problems with it, I think it would be a wise decision to just hire a professional pest control service instead of messing with the problem ourselves. After all, they are the experts so they should be able to get rid of the problem with less hassle. They have effective ways of getting rid of the pest problems quickly. Important things such as health, security and safety of my family, we always leave it to the experts.

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