Friday, May 17, 2013

Replaced car tires with All-Season.

Lately I’ve been experiencing minor issues with my car. My steering wheel vibrates when I go above 55 mph. Hubby thought it’s got something to do with the tires and brakes alignment. So he took it to a car tire dealer shop and got all tires replaced with All Season tires. He also had the brakes seen by a car mechanic. I was surprised though that it really didn’t take that long to have all those changes made. I thought it’s going to take a day at least but when I got home from work, the car was already in our driveway, with brand-spanking new tires, lol! Cool! Hubby said they worked pretty fast especially since almost everything is automatic, even the auto lifts they used so they would be able to work on the car effectively. I thought that’s awesome.

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