Thursday, October 30, 2008

A prelude to winter

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been experiencing cold weather here in Ozark. It was not this cold this time of the year last year. I could remember we had our photo session out in the park on the day of my wedding last year and we didn’t freeze ourselves out. But this year, I don’t think I can even stand staying outdoor for even a few minutes because I would chill myself to death. I think it’s unbearably cold especially in the mornings. I don’t care what my other co-workers would think about me but I already wear gloves and wool cap whenever I walked from our parking lot to our main building each morning lately. It’s just too cold for me.

Last Tuesday, the truck’s windshield is covered with thick frost and there’s no way that I could see through it and drive. I was worried because I found out about it when I had to leave for work so I thought there will be no time to defrost it. I may have been the only one at work on that day who had called in and notified them that I’d be late because I could not see through my windshield, hehehe! Living here in the US most of their lives, for sure they’ve already anticipated stuff like that from cold weather. One of them even suggested that I should get a De-Icer to make it even faster and easier to get rid of the ice and frost on the windshield. I’m glad they’d understand my predicament. My boss didn’t even make me use my sick hours to cover for the 1 hour late that I incurred on that day. I gave him my absentee form and he told me not to worry about it and that he’ll take care of it. I had checked my time clock later that day and true to his word, he reset my log- in time as if I came there on time. Thank you, Bosing! I was more prepared the next day though. Before Jeff had to leave for work, he had the truck running for a few minutes and it took care of the icy stuff on the truck. Haaayy! I dread winter so much now that I'll have to drive every morning. I hope it's not going to be that bad.

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LODS said...

yup jen winter is creeping and approaching real fast!!! at least ikaw jenn when you go out in the mornign you get to stay in the car,i have to wait with kayla on the bus stop on mornings that ralph is not home!!! i hate hate hate hate always cold and i cant wait until its summer only consolation is that this will be katilyn's first time to play and see snow. mao nga bahala ug tugnaw ugma for trick or treat i have to bear it for her.ill be wrapped up like hotdog in a bun and ill snug as a bug!!!

meretrisha said...

i'm just glad we don't have that kind of weather here. not good for my arthritis :) hehe

irish daisies said...

that was so very nice of your boss.. at least living in arkansas it will not be as cold as up north. we will be leaving for the south this coming week... just in time for winter :)