Monday, October 27, 2008

Our First Year Victory Lap

It has been a year since Jeff and I made a vow to love and cherish each other in the eyes of God. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest and we’re glad that we’ve made it through. It may not be a perfect journey but through it all, we learned a lot about each other and it made us understand each other better. We had fights, I know it’s part of the adjustment period, but we’ve always talked about it and never harbor any resentment towards each other. We’re far from being ideal but we’ve tried to always value each other above all things. We like to do things together even simple stuff like watching Wowowee, reading our favorite books, eating out and more. We shared a lot of things in common but we do have our little private times as well. Of course, mine are blogging and EC dropping while his is playing some computer games. We helped each other with the household chores as well which is very important since both of us are working, hehehe. I can go on and on enumerating the ways on how we complement each other but for us, the real beauty of every relationship is not being perfect everyday, but striving each day to be a better partner for each other. We couldn’t imagine our lives without each other. It’s an answered prayer for the both of us and we thanked God for that.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by spending the weekend out of town. We spent the night on a nice hotel and ate on a buffet style Filipino restaurant in Fayetteville. It's my first time to visit that Filipino store and I'm so glad that Jeff took me there. I missed my mom's cooking. I am learning how to cook but still I haven't tried cooking Menudo, Chicken Curry and Sinigang na Baboy which were part of the menu. We stopped by a pretty state park and we enjoyed ourselves in admiring the views and of course taking photos. We did a little shopping too as I just can't seem to leave a new place without paying a visit to their mall, hehehe. Anyway, below are some of the photos of our short trip.

The happy couple

I love red roses
Lake Fort Smith

Nature tripping

I love the view

Perfect getaway

Feelin' the nice breeze

Dunno how else to pose

Emote to the highest level
My one and only babe

This is ME in my pink sweatshirt

Ready to check out

Filipino restaurant

This is the hotel where we stayed at. The corridor reminds me of University of Cebu and the glass elevator set up reminds me of Ayala Activity Center.

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Wow Jhenn! What a lovely wedding anniversary celebration! Hope to visit the filipino store some time there in Fayetteville. Though I love cooking filipino foods hehehe

Anonymous said...

Belated happy wedding anniversary! You look good and happy together. May the Lord bless you with more years to come!

Jerla Oh lalala said...

was here :) happy anniversary to you both

eden said...

Happy Anniversary Jen and Jeff and many more to come.

by the way, you always look great.

take care always.

Anonymous said...

happy wedding anniversary to you ate Jen!!!

you really spent and celebrated it well. that's just really nice to eat in a filipino restaurant. i haven't tried it either.

""rarejonRez"" said...

wow!!! great celebration of your wedding anniversary! congrats to your one year of successful married life! many more to go, i wish for u...

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

oi dear friend, lingaw kaau ko tan aw sa imong mga hulagway heheheh dramatorga kaau ang mga pose heheh i love the view of the lake, kabalo na ka nako, nature lover kunuhay LOL

see yah!

Anonymous said...

Hello, happy anniversary! :)

joytoy said...

hi thanks kaau sa tips about parallel parking. Congrats pod sa imo 1st anniversary. kitakita rapod diay da. nauna lang ko nmo og isa ka bulan hhehe. anyway, i enjoy looking at your pictures. Very nice couple.

irish daisies said...

happy anniversary. looks like you had a nice time.. great looking couple too!

irish daisies said...

happy anniversary. looks like you had a nice time.. great looking couple too!

meretrisha said...

happy wedding anniv to us.. yeah, it's cool to know we're married on the same day.. don't you think it's about time to get pregnant, too? hehehe

meretrisha said...

yeah, happy wedding anniv to us. it's cool to know we're married on the same day of the same year. don't you think it's about time to get pregnant, too? hehe just suggestingi

PinayWAHM said...

Aww...happy couple indeed!

Thanks for the visit and the greetings [and the compliments on our little Princess]!

Enjoy your weekend, Jenn...