Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ain't Lucky with PayU2Blog

I'll have to admit that I envy those blogs which got approved by PayU2Blog. I've tried submitting my blog several times to this web site but for some reason, I don't get approved. I even emailed their team as per my friend's advise but I never heard anything from them at all. Hmmm, I wonder what's wrong with my blog. There was an informative post made by Lainy in one of her blogs about PayU2Blog requirements. I guess my blog qualified except for the Design/Template Creativeness part. I figure I should start to consider designers who could improve the overall look of my blog huh! I know there are a lot of talented bloggers here that accept template designing jobs. It's probably time for me to contact them.

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Anonymous said...

THanks for the mention, Sis. Sorry to hear about your blog's non-approval at PU2B. Before I submitted my blogs, I overhauled my blog's theme. Got lucky to get their approval.

CHanging your template is a good idea. I highly recommend Ivy, hehe or you may consider joining my contest and have a chance to win free blog lay our from the Designer's CHic ;-).

See you around!

All the Best,

LODS said...

same here jen,i tried,lol..i just laugh and smile when i get rejected from paid sites,lol..

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Jenn....

Salamat sa hop. Just keep on submitting it. Is there a limit as to how many times you can submit your blog after it's declined?

Enjoy the week ahead.


Anonymous said...

BTW Sis, If I may just add, if you've emailed PU2B and you haven't heard anything from them, keep sending them email and remind them that you have been waiting for your blog's approval/ rejection. If they have emailed you and said your blog is rejected, you can resubmit after 3 months but be sure you have met the minimum requirements.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, my blog was approved by PU2B I think 4 months ago and I've been writing for them since then.
As u can see my On A Lighter Note blog is so simple, I just have the 3 columns, that's it. I didn't even know that one has to overhaul his/her blog. I guess I just got lucky, aheheheh.
Haayyy, I don't know what's true na. But I'm sure one of these days you'll just be surprised that you got approved already.
Hoy, u dont need the extra money, 'no! :-)

riablahgs said...

hi jenn!

my template was designed by agi or grumpy cow ( but right now, she's not accepting any customized design works but is selling ready-made templates which are really, really awesome!

btw, i never heard from payu2blog as well. i must have applied gazillion of times (oh ok, that was an exaggeration but i did submit countless of times) and they never came back...oh well =)

Anonymous said...

tried so many times too, but never heard a thing.

chocowafer said...

Hi Jenn! Can I ask how you finally got your blog to be approved on Payu2blog? Did you anything else? :)