Thursday, October 9, 2008

Living in an imperfect world

I couldn't help but get emotional while I was watching the news tonight and saw the mother of Maureen Hultman expressed her disgust upon the release of the convicted murderer of their daughter. I was not aware of this morbid crime when this happened 17 years ago but it feels to me like it just happened recently because you can still see the pain in Mrs. Hultman's eyes while she was interviewed in Stockholm, Sweden. Her daughter, Maureen at 16, was shot on the temple by Claudio Teehankee, Jr., along with two of her friends while they were walking home around the village from a party. The perpetrator of the cold-blooded murder was freed from the national penitentiary recently after serving 14 years because of an executive clemency order granted by President Arroyo. The legal proceedings behind the release may be legal but the family of Maureen was unhappy about it and claimed it brought back painful memories of their daughter's tragedy. The world that we live in is indeed unfair and it pains me to think that innocent people like Maureen could be victims of heartless criminals that kill with no apparent reason.

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