Saturday, October 11, 2008

Have you met the right ONE yet?

My love story is not different from the thousands of couples who have met their loved ones online and successfully start a married life together. Finding someone to date or have a relationship with through the internet could be risky but I am happy that we both took the risks. It was not like some normal couples who see each other in flesh everyday and spend time on dates physically but despite the hardships that long distance dating brings, we put forth a lot of effort, time, dedication and love to make our online dating worthwhile. We didn’t rush, we spent a really great deal of time getting to know each other which in our case was 2 years before we decided to tie the knot. We told each other that true love can withstand the test of time so if our feelings were genuine, we would still feel it 6 months later, 1 year, 2 years and more because true love is not just about feeling your heart skip a beat but it’s about deciding everyday that you’re going to love this person no matter what. I am no expert when it comes to love and relationships but I am speaking through experience. I am very happily married with my Jeff and each day I thanked God for him.

If you haven’t found the right ONE for you, you might want to give online dating a chance. There are bunches of online dating sites but I would recommend to everyone. It is a typical dating site where you can search for free for women or men to correspond with but the absolute catch here which is really important is the fact that they took precautionary measures to avoid as much as possible having to meet somebody that are either married or convicted felons. They made it clear in their Code of Ethics that married people and criminals are NOT welcome to their website. But of course that wouldn’t stop these people from joining but assures they have their way of knowing and that these people will be sorry if catches them. Another cool thing about this site is that they offer tips and advices about love, relationships and online dating through their articles. If you haven’t found your Prince Charming or Princess yet, sign up for free at


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joytoy said...

yap i am having a problem with entrecard too. Sana bumalik na ang server nila.

Dhemz said...

te hapit ko dre..added your link already..drop the EC

Felicity said...

hello gwaps

eden said...

hello jen! thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

this dating site sounds interesting. I will recommend this to my friends back in the Pinas.

take care always

I Am Me said...

Hi jenn I did not receive your email...perhaps you can just add me on ur YM if thats ok with you?

Heres my yahoo ID: mr_jsterling_wife