Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're Partners for Life

I might be going through a very difficult adjustment period right now when it comes to my work and managing home affairs but the whole thing makes me and my husband appreciate each other more. Even when I was still not working, Jeff would never leave me doing all the household chores by myself. We're partners in whatever things we do. Say, I do laundry, he would volunteer to fold the clean clothes. When I wash dishes by hand, he would do the rinsing but later on, I told him not to bother 'coz rinsing the plates isn't that hard to do at all. (By the way, we have a dishwasher but I prefer not to use it since it's just the two of us and washing dishes isn't that hard and it's better not to be totally accustomed to American lifestyle. Hehehe. But don't get me wrong, I no longer wash clothes by hand since I got here, I'm too lazy for that. Hehehe) Now that I have work, he still is very supportive and helpful. He understands the hardships I'm going through right now and he tries to do things that would make things a bit easier for me. Last Friday which was the start of his weekend off and yeah, I worked on Fridays, he vacuumed the house and do the dishes. He dropped me off to work in the morning and picked me up at work at lunch so we can eat out together. I appreciate my husband so much for all the wonderful things he has done for me. I may not have my whole family here with me, but Jeff is just always there for me no matter what and he never ceases to support me in whatever I do. I feel so lucky and blessed that I am one of those Filipinas who have very good provider and supportive husbands. I don't regret at all that I took a step forward in exploring a world outside our home because I found out how much I appreciate and love my dearest Jeff.

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Anonymous said...

hi jen...kumusta na?
we're lucky that our husbands are very supportive...i am amazed with my G too coz he never complains doing the ironing (ako hatest chore) and we also share our bit around the house. that's why i love him to bits! hehehe...

take care ;)

Anonymous said...

awww so sweet ni fafaJeff nimo jen... we are indeed lucky. my hubby is the same, he helps me any way he can even if i dont work and he does. and yah, i do our dishes by hand too, ur not alone hehe. i clean the inside of the house and he does the outside like the gardening.hehe share2 jud og chores ba. :)