Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Server is Down

This would be one of the major reasons why we get a lot of calls in the Helpdesk Line. Let me tell you, it's so crazy, the phones are ringing off the hook, bunch of voicemails that we have to take care as soon as the server is up and running again. The first time that it happened since I started working, I was literally about to cry from tension and pressure. But after a while, this has been one of my favorite moments at work because I don't really have to spend much time with my caller or dwell on the issue longer since I only have to tell them that we have server issues and that we're currently working on it.

I remember when I used to work in a data processing company back home, our systems department have dealt with a number of server issues as well. I was part of a small team who needed IT assistance back then. But now I am part of a team who gives IT assistance to a humongous banking group. I mean it's so overwhelming, I didn't even know how did I get here but I am thankful for this rare opportunity. I explored a totally different arena, so to speak. And it's giving me the chance to develop myself even more.

I can say that I eventually learn to like my job now. I'm learning a lot of things and I'm starting to enjoy and appreciate the things surrounding my work and my work place. On my future posts, I'm gonna talk about the things that I love about my work. My friends and family are right. In time, I'll get the hang of it and I just couldn't believe that it's happening sooner than I had expected.

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

It's no longer a wonder ate Jenn that you got adjusted to it sooner than expected. you have always been flexible and you can learn things easily.

this post reminds me of my call center days. we'd celebrate when server is down but at the same time nervous coz some customers doesn't take it very well.

Michelle said...

That's good news. It's very important that you like your job coz that's where you succeed. :)