Sunday, August 24, 2008

On impulse

I bought this green Guess purse when I had my first paycheck a couple of weeks ago. I actually didn't intend to buy a purse while me and Jeff went out shopping that week, but as I was browsing through every corner of Dillard's, I saw a rack of branded purses that were on sale. So I was tempted to take a look and finally decided to get this one even if it's only work clothes that I originally planned to buy. Well, you could say I am an impulse buyer at times but I try not to be but sometimes I just couldn't stop myself especially if the items are nice and are on sale. Typical of husbands to ask what are we gonna do with more purses, clothes and shoes, Jeff kinda wondered why I still buy more purses when I already have plenty at home. I smiled and told him that this one is of a different color and style and it's on sale and it's Guess. Hehehe. Well, whatever your little heart desires was how he ended the conversation. (*smiles)

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Anonymous said...

sounds familiar eh?! c: