Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting ready for work

This is me on my way to work. I just thought I might share some of my work photos here. I don't usually dress up like this but since I am working in a bank and we follow certain dress codes, I try to dress nice and professional. No jeans of any kind are allowed in the office so I figure I'll have to buy more office clothes from now on. I didn't have much since back in my previous job, we can just wear anything that we feel like wearing. And another thing is I gain weight since I got here so some of my old nice clothes won't fit anymore, yikes! Hehehe. I really love to shop but probably from now on, I'd concentrate on getting work clothes more than anything else.

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LODS said...

hi jen,have i told you that i love this outfit?you look so chic and professional in this one.