Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Ramblings

It has been hectic for the past 24 hours for me and Jeff. Last night, after spending only a little over an hour at the house after work, he has to leave me again to attend a meeting for a labor group. We thought it's only gonna last for an hour but it turned out that it was 2 hours instead and the drive back and forth took another 2 hours. Even if I have work the next day, I had to stay late and wait on him 'coz I am not used to sleeping alone anymore and I just couldn't sleep knowing that my husband is still out there. So I waited, and to while away the time, I watched "Desperadas" on the internet. It's a fun, kikay movie which starred Ruffa G., Iza C., Rufa Mae and Marian Rivera. And by the way, it's from S1kat's Site in Multiply and he's got lots of new videos uploaded regularly.

Going back on my first subject, we slept later than the usual last night and the crazy part is he has to get up early 'coz he decided to work overtime on a Friday since I am also working today. I mean we both think that since we can't spend the time together anyway, he might as well accept the overtime work that was offered. The result was I was missing him the whole day and there was nobody to pick me up at lunch and after office hours as well. I drove myself to work and home and I spend eating lunch alone. Poor me! Anyway, we have 2 full days to spend time together and we're going to make use of that. It's great to work and earn money but we don't want it to be the cause of lesser quality time spent together. So we're not gonna do this a whole lot.

3 replies:

KC said...

I agree with you, never let anything get in between you and your husband no matter how busy you both turned out to be..It's good that you both have 2 full days off from work..Make the most out of it ;) Hope you guys are doing well..God bless po!! :)

Michelle said...

wow, that sounds difficult. that's the reason why hubby doesn't want me to work full time coz he wants me to be home when he comes home from work. i think it's important to have quality time as a couple. :)

LODS said...

jen agwanta lng.maayo gani ka coz youhave work to keep you occupied while waiting for him as well.and my gosh,i was so green with envy when you mentioned you drove yourself to work,huhuhuhuhuhu...when will i learn to drive!!!!