Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy..Tired.. but Happy!

Today is Thursday but it sure feels like Friday to me. I'm so looking forward for the long weekend ahead, that's probably why I feel that I'd like to fast forward the days then pause when Monday comes so I don't have to go back to work just yet. Hehehe! Oh, I so missed my lazy days at home for the past 10 months. But I'm happy that I have work and I'm earning money right now anyway. Confusing, huh!

We have a small plan for the weekend. Actually, tomorrow is the start of it. Jeff's gonna drive me to work and pick me up at lunch so we could eat together. Then, after work, he has to pick me up again and we're going to have a date. We would probably go and see a movie after a dinner in a new restaurant in Clarksville (20 mins from home). We plan on going to Little Rock (2 hrs. from home) on Saturday as well. Hay! I'm so thankful that hubby takes the time to unwind and do stuff outside the house. I used to worry that if we both have jobs, we might just lose quality time together but I'm happy that we still are willing to take the time to do fun things during our day offs.

Now I am rambling. Hehehe. I have to go back to my EC dropping before I'd feel sleepy and tired. I'm reading a book by Julie Garwood lately and I make sure that I read at least two chapters before I go to sleep. Well, well, well... So much things to do... Anyway, hope we all have a fun weekend.

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