Saturday, March 29, 2008

What You Love The Most About Your Husband/Partner

In this blog, you will learn a special part of me and Jeff. Thanks to my friend, Francine, for this tag.

When you fell in love with someone, sometimes it's hard to define the emotion and explain the reason why you felt this way towards a person. As your relationship blossoms, you start to learn the person in depth and you realize that these are the specific reasons why you love this person. Human as we are, we have flaws, but it is when you choose to still love them despite the flaws that makes you appreciate the love that you have for them even more.

What I love the most about Jeff is that:

  • He loves to give me flowers even if it's only an ordinary day. To me, that makes him so romantic and loving.
  • He considers me and our relationship the most important things in his life. He puts so much value to it that even for one second, he wouldn't even consider doing something to damage it.
  • He loves my family and he understands the value of having a family.
  • He is so expressive with his love for me. He always tells me "I love you" and he kisses me countless times everyday.
  • He respects me more than anything else. He never yells at me even if he's upset with me. He treats me like his equal and supports me in whatever endeavor I'd like to take.

There you go, friends! Now, it's time to share your thoughts. I'm tagging Lira, Sweet Lullaby and Jana.

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StaLira said...

ako na gikubit jenn...ty

StaLira said...

na-post na nko gwaps