Thursday, March 20, 2008

Featured Friends For The Week

Hey there! My blog was featured as one of the top 5 picks of the week by Borski and I will do the same for 5 other friends. When you feature your friends’ blogs, you will help increase (hopefully) their page rank and yours. You can read more on this here and here. So keep the ball rolling, make your own 5 featured friends. To return the favor, make sure you include the name of the person who recommended you. Example:

Amor is one of our featured friends.

2. So when Amor will make her featured friends for the week, she has to include my name and she will pick 4 or 5 more from her own list of friends.

3. She will inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling.

If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’.

My Featured Friends Blogs are: Amor,
Lira, Monica, Francine, Lara, Princess-2 and of course Borski. Keep it going!

4 replies:

StaLira said...

thank u jenn

Francine Ann said...

tag done. i was one of the taggers who tag you of the 10 recent things that made you happy

Anonymous said...

thanks sister :) sweet mo naman.

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