Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

This has been a long weekend for me and Jeff. For 3 days in a row, my tummy prob keeps on bugging me. I believe this is what we call as "kabuhi" though I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor yet. Putting on "efficascent oil" on my tummy and lying in bed with a pillow gently pressed on it make me feel better. It makes the "bad air" goes out of my system. (*blushes) On the other hand, Jeff had to work for overtime today. He usually has Fridays off but it's company call that they have to report on Fridays until at least summer. This is beneficial to us financial-wise, but at the same time, it took a little of our time on weekends together. Not to mention that weekend days off is what he needed after tough days in the plant.

Anyway, tomorrow's gonna be an exciting day for us. We'll gonna go shopping for a few kitchen small appliances as replacements for the old stuff that we have here. I did some research online so I kinda' know in particular which brand and kind that I'd like to get. But the most wonderful thing about it is I'm gonna be driving us to the department store. This will be my first time to drive this far on a busy city like Fort Smith. Hubby thinks I'm ready though I don't have a license yet. Personally, I am a little nervous about it but deep inside I know I am ready and I'll be able to do it. I hope and pray that it'll just be a smooth 45-min drive to JC Penney.

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Sendo said...

kabuhi ra na! haha