Monday, March 10, 2008


It is not unusual of me to mutter, grunt, scream, kick or sometimes even talk in my sleep. I'm not proud of it but it's something that me and my family back home had gotten used to. I don't know what causes the bad dreams that had triggered the action of muttering and screaming but it's not probably stress like what I've read online. I couldn't be stressed out every day in my entire life, could I? As much as possible, I tried to get rid of bad thoughts and I normally say my prayer before I go to bed. But I don't know why weird and ghastly things visit me in my sleep. I'm starting to get concerned about it because Jeff usually had a hard time getting back to sleep after he'd get awakened by my shrill screams. I feel guilty already because it's hard to report for work deprived of a good sleep most of the time. I even suggested that I'll just sleep on a separate bed just so I won't disturb him, but of course, he's not wild about the idea. He said we'll find a way but definitely sleeping in bed without me is not one of them. Guys, do you have tips on how to make me behave in my sleep? Do you have sleeping problems like mine too?

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Liz said...

hi jenn! thanks for dropping by ;)

i am not good at this but i suggest you try to relax before going to bed like taking a shower and drinking hot milk, sabi nila if you do this you'll be able to get a good night sleep.

happy thursday.

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