Friday, March 7, 2008

Ramiele Malubay made it to the TOP 12

Obviously, she's my American Idol this season. Not just because she's a filipina and she's cute but its because I've seen in her the talent that some of our local singers possess but just didn't get the chance to make it big to Hollywood. The results night for the Top 12 was nervewracking for me. It felt like I was a relative or something 'coz I had been so sure that I'd be so devastated when she couldn't have made it to the Top 12. Hubby was right beside me positively saying she's gonna make it while I was covering my eyes not wanting to see Ramiele's reactions if Ryan will say she didn't make it. But fortunately, she did make it to the Top 12. I couldn't be any happier. I really really hope she will choose the right songs for the coming weeks and my next wish is that she's gonna make it to the Top 3. (*wink*wink*wink)

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Pinay said...

Hello Jenn,thanks sa pagbisita.Oo dugay dugay napod ko dri 7 years na,kabalo nako magfrench pero dili gyd fluent.Nah,makadto ra lagi ka dri sa europe labi na dri sa Paris.

Good to hear na apil si Ramiele sa top 12,I hope she will be the 1st asian american idol.

Have a nice weekend!