Monday, March 17, 2008

The Letter "I"

Another tag from sis Lira again! Thank you again sistah!

I AM… hopeless romantic, shopaholic, sensitive and easy to get along with.

I WANT… to buy a shiny Red Pontiac Vibe.

I HAVE… Filipino channels on tv both GMA Pinoy TV and TFC.

I WISH… I could visit my most favorite place, Venice, Italy.

I HATE… roaches and crickets.

I FEAR… losing any of my loved ones.

I SEARCH… the face of Jesus in my life.

I WONDER… if I could be the best mom for my future babies.

I REGRET… not taking up pharmaceutical course in college.

I LOVE… GOD, my family and of course my wonderful husband, Jeff.

I ALWAYS… read suspense novels and watch pinoy soap operas on tv.

I AM NOT… snubbish and unfriendly, i'm just typically shy.

I DANCE… to the tune of upbeat and techno music (lupet!).

I SING… Kyla's I Don't Want You To Go in the bathroom.

I CRY… easily especially if I have tampo with hubby.

I WRITE… blogs and journals because I love to express my thoughts and emotions.

I WON… first prize in an interschool oratorical competition back in Highschool.

I AM CONFUSED… with the Southern accent especially here in my town, Ozark.

I NEED… to just save this as a draft 'coz Marimar will be on air in 3 minutes.

I SHOULD… have the courage to take the driving skills test this month.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… how lucky I am 'coz my babe loves me and is forever faithful to me.

Now, it's your turn, girls! I am tagging my friends Amor, Scotty's Princess, and Monica.

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