Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer fun activity ideas for my toddler.

My in-law’s visit this week proved to be helpful for Caleb to know his Grandpa better. Although it took him a while to warm up to him, they did share some fun play time indoors. It’s a shame our weather for the past 3 days or so had been more wintery than spring, we didn’t really have the chance to hang out in our backyard to do outdoor play. My son loves his playtime out in the yard. Last week, he enjoyed playing with his little gardening tools. I wish he could have some time playing with Grandpa outside though. But the weather was just not favorable for outside play.

Like any toddler his age, I have an equally active 2 year old. He likes to keep moving, explore things and try out new stuff. When we’re out and about, I try to engage him in a lot of fun activities. His dad takes him out for walks when the weather permits. We discovered that he liked it a lot. The other day, they walked to the hardware store which was actually just a few  blocks away from our house and got some wood glue. The whole time they were walking back to the house, Caleb was holding the glue like it's some kind of a fragile piece of life, lol! We can tell he truly enjoyed his time outside with his Dad.

I actually can’t wait for summer to get here so we could do more fun stuff like letting him try out his new scooter. I’m sure it will be an exciting way to spend our summer afternoons as a family. We’re looking to get some patio furniture as well so we can be there physically watching him while he enjoys his playtime in the backyard. Summer in Montana does not really last very long so we intend to make the most out of it by spending most our time outside rather than just watching tv. I'm sure parents to little busy toddlers and energetic kids can totally relate.

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