Thursday, April 4, 2013

Distance learning is the new name of the game.

I have always been grateful to my parents for instilling in me the value of education and for guiding me towards the right path in pursuing my dreams. In the country where I originally come from, we cherish education like our greatest treasure. So despite being a Third World country, a lot of Filipinos are highly educated and are making names all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, the Philippines was recently named the world’s best country in business English proficiency, according to Global English Corporation. This basically means that Philippines attained a score within the range of high proficiency level which indicates an ability to take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks. That makes me even more proud to be a Filipino. 

I hope that would pave the way for the introduction of other methods of acquiring education besides the traditional but best proven classroom setting. Being a Bachelor’s Degree holder myself, I truly believe in the importance of having a degree especially in this highly competitive time. It’s unfortunate though that some people couldn’t finish their programs because they have demanding jobs, the school tuition fees are exorbitant, or they have a family to take care of. Hence, the benefits of distance learning come to play. Online education isn’t for everyone but it sure is worth to weigh your options and see if you can pursue a degree without having to put everything else in the backseat. 

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