Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting ready for father-in-law's visit.

It's been a pretty busy weekend for us. My father-in-law would come and visit us next week and will stay with us for a week. Not too long ago, we bought a house and we have not spent much time decorating or arranging stuff yet. We want to repaint the walls to suit our taste but that will have to wait until the weather gets warm enough so we could open windows and air out the paint fumes. There are 4 bedrooms in this house and we're setting up one of them as a guest room. But we really didn't put much effort into it yet until this weekend, lol! Yeah, because we have a guest and we want him to have a nice room to stay while he's here in Montana. So we spent the last 3 days getting a bed, cleaning the room, hang some wall decors to make the room more welcoming and homey. Jeff's dad lives in Arkansas so we really appreciate the fact that he will fly all the way from Arkansas to see his grandson Caleb and bond with him and of course with us too, lol! We look forward to his visit and hopefully he will have a great time staying with us.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

How nice to have a visit from your FIL. How old is he sis? My FIL is 90 and can't drive anymore so we visit him na lang at his ho,me.