Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snow in the spring time.

While some parts of the country are enjoying the rain and warmer temps, here in Montana it does still feel like winter.Well, at least for the last 5 days. We did enjoy a little bit of the sun and higher temps than usual a couple of weeks ago but for some reason, this week's just too cold for me and my toddler  to go out and play in the yard. Last weekend, it snowed pretty good. Most of it melted throughout the day though. So it's actually just below freezing temperatures and windchill that's making it unfavorable to do outdoor play. Too bad since Grandpa is visiting and I wish he and Caleb could have done something fun outdoors. But anyway, it's just the way it is here in Montana. They say it can snow here pretty much any month of the year, lol! Oh joy!

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