Sunday, May 31, 2009

Divas 4 Divas Concert

Here we go...the photos during the concert. There were so much drama en route the concert venue. We expected that traffic would be heavy so we left the hotel two hours before the show starts. It was a very wise decision because we had a hard time looking for the venue. I have directions but apparently, it's not a very good one. After we were able to look for a good place to park, our next struggle is to find the Black Academy Arts building where the concert will take place. People of different races all dressed very nicely were coming in and out of the vicinity, so one would think that they are also going to the concert, but apparently, there was a graduation going on and most, if not all of the people that we've seen were attending the said event. After having to ask from a few security people, we finally managed to find the theatre. Now, our next problem is to look for one of the producers of the show, whom we've bought our tickets from. For some reason, our tickets got lost in the mail and a week before the concert, I've called the producer and she assured me that we could still get our seats even without the tickets. Thankfully, a Filipina from the production side helped us find the producer. Our tickets were replaced, everything was settled and we were part of the crowd that were first ushered in to the theatre. When we finally went in and got seated, all the worries and stress went away. I was just so extremely happy for the once in a lifetime chance to see my favorite singer Regine Velasquez in a concert with the other divas. I was glad that hubby didn't get bored at all. He was definitely amazed with how talented they are. He was also amused with the crowd. You know how it is with Filipino audience, all the screaming, shouting, applauding, clicking of cameras and videos, we enjoyed it all. We have front row tickets and at the latter part of the show, I was one of the fans who was able to shook hands with Regine! Nawala akong poise oi! Gibiya-an ang bana sa lingkuranan, hehe! Gosh! I can't thank my hubby enough for making this possible for me. It was fun and I enjoyed the chance to be with Filipinos and hearing them speak Tagalog and Bisaya again! Enjoy the photos, friends...

Why? Unsay drama? Naay ti-ki?!?

A pose before the concert

We have front row tickets

PRIMO band

The 4 Divas (opening number)

Their outfits underneath the cloaks

Divas in their red shimmering outfits

The elegant Divas

In their colorful gowns

The audience

Crowd jammin' with the Divas

The Divine Diva - Zsa Zsa Padilla

The Concert Queen - Pops Fernandez

The Pop Diva - Kuh Ledesma

The Asia's Songbird - Regine Velasquez

Regine internalizing her song

The show is over

Hubby after the show

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anne said...

wow you are so lucky to see them in person and attend their concerts as well, haay ako kaya kelan? lol have a nice sunday night girl

Anonymous said...


meretrisha said...

net, who's the best performer among the divas? hmmm, never mind, i know you'd say regine.. :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh wow! that looks fun!

""rarejonRez"" said...

wow!!!! ka-nice naman oi!

so regine velasquez is not that chubby at all ha, compared to seeing her in the tv screen. thanks for sharing these sis, i enjoyed it!

Unknown said...

hi anne. actually i've seen regine a lot of times na back in the PI but it's a different experience each time that's why i still keep on watching her shows, hehe

hahahaha!!! kabalo na ka sa tubag, si regine of course, hehehe. bitaw, all of them are great performers jo. pero lain lain ilang mga strengths. si reg, she can really belt out the high notes, si pops dili kaau but she was the one who made the crowd wild because she sang very nice upbeat songs from the 80's and 90's, si zsa zsa and kuh and reg, they have numbers na grabe jud kay tag-as kaau sila mga tingog. nice ang show oi, sulit kaau.

yep, it sure was fun. we had a blast!

hi sis. tenks sa comment. yep, regine is not chubby at all. pero dili pud cya skinny, voluptuous kumbaga, hahaha. but i think she lost weight these days. chubby cya kadtong Kim Sam Soon days.

Nisha said...

Wow!! that's some singing comp going on.. i don't know who they are but they're beautiful and must be beautiful singers too :-)

Lucky to be sitting in the front row.. hehe..

Michelle said...

wow, the 4 diva's looked pretty and of course you too! :)

irish daisies said...

what a nice night out and you look so pretty too. glad you had a great time

Joro Livelihood said...

I wish I can watch their show as well pero di man na sila moari sa UK.

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