Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off to Branson for an early summer getaway!

One more day to go...We're heading to Branson, Missouri for a much needed vacation. Too bad it's not to the beach like what's in the photo. Anyway, we both took one week off from work and we're pretty much excited about it because it is another quality time bonding moments together. I've been hearing so many good things about Branson from my co-workers and even on the internet. I can't wait to experience them ourselves. Our itinerary includes visits to museums (Titanic, Hollywood Wax, Veteran's Memorial), shows (Acrobats of China), chill-out romantic dates (dinners, Moonshine Beach), outlet mall shopping (Tanger), swimming (if weather permits), movie date (Angels & Demons) and a whole-day fun at Silver Dollar City. I am the designated planner of this trip and hubby thinks I'm doing a great job. (*wink) He really knows how to make me feel flattered, lol! Anyway, I hope the weather won't ruin this trip for us. Branson is like 2-hour drive up north from our place, so I'm guessing it's gonna be a little cooler there. I would really love the chance to go to White Water theme park but looking at the weather forecast for this weekend, I don't think it's a good idea. I might as well just be content in taking a dip in the hotel pool. But with or without thunderstorm, this trip promises to be fun and memorable.

3 replies:

Rocks said...

Enjoy your vacation jenn!!

""rarejonRez"" said...

good luck and have fun sis! i haven't been to branson, nakaagi lang. but i heard it's wonderful in there! :) pics nalang daon akoa! :)

AdinB said...

Don't forget to go to the Branson Landing ate Jhen, the water show is the highlight of the night. Hilton Hotel is at Branson Landing, too. Man oh man! It is beautiful. hehehe... :) Good luck and I am pretty darn sure when you guys go, you will love Branson. When we were there, we stayed close to the wax musuem. Fun! Fun! Fun! There will be a lot of Water Parks there though that you guys will enjoy.