Thursday, May 28, 2009

A quick trip to Dallas, Texas

The highlight of our one week vacation is going to Dallas, Texas to watch the Divas4Divas concert. I am definitely a fan of Regine Velasquez and watching her perform along with the country's top performers is a once in a lifetime experience. There's not much Filipino shows in the southern part of U.S., so I was really happy when I found out that the Divas will be having a concert in Texas. I'm super-duper excited, lol! Thanks so much to my Langga for putting up with me, hehehe! Actually, hubby watches with me sometimes when I'm glued to T.V. watching my Filipino shows so he recognizes Regine and Zsa Zsa. But his favorite is Wowowee, Game Ka Na Ba, and most of Sarah G.'s commercials. See! I've been an influence to hubby's TV viewing, hehehe. Anyway, the concert is gonna be tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. in Dallas. I can't wait!

4 replies:

AdinB said...

Ate Jhen e take nalang ko ug pictures ni Regine V.. hehehe and to all the Divas... weeeeee how nice!

Anonymous said...

Oi Jenn, you're going to see our kumares in concert? heheh Regards na lang ko.

Take care and enjoy the concert.


meretrisha said...

wow! that's something to look forward to.. i love concerts like that

tx sweetie said...

ka cool ba oi tuyoan man lang ari sa TX para ka watch sa idol. swertiha regine oi hehe.. kuyog ko beh?