Sunday, May 17, 2009

Victim of credit card theft

Two of our credit cards have had fraudulent charges for the past two months. It's driving me nuts! Our Chase credit card had 3, we filed a dispute and they didn't make us pay for any of it at all. They replaced our cards with a different account number and we signed in for fraud protection insurance. That was a month ago! To my dismay, I found out yesterday that our Capital One credit card had another 2 mysterious charges. Arrgghh! Jeff called them and dispute the charges again. I wonder why we're getting a whole lot of fraudulent charges these days. It sucks! The only good thing about it is we have online accounts for our credit cards, that way I can check everyday online and be warned right away of the questionable charges even before we get our paper bills. What concerns me is how to stop them from hacking into our accounts again. That made me thinking what if it's our computer system that's not safe? Are we not very careful with the websites we're dealing transactions with online? It is inevitable that we use credit cards for our online purchases. These are very important ones like the phone cards that I use to call my family back home, Netflix subscription, travel purchases, Jeff's computer games, my Apple IPOD music store and so many other small stuff that we have to buy online because we could not find them in the mall/stores. We don't want to deal with this dilemma all the time but I hate to think that we have to stop using our cards for our online purchases. It's very inconvenient. Has anyone been a victim of credit card theft as well?

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""rarejonRez"" said...

ayayay!!! i feel ur pain sis! we've had the same case before, 2 years ago na yun.. we disputed it, and fortunately, we haven't paid even a penny. naman. almost $900 pa naman yun. hope yours will not happen again!

always remember to be safe with ur online transactions. never give out ur cc number to a site that doesn't have an "s" in the url. hence, http:// should be https:// when you're attempting to use a credit card. ;-)

tx sweetie said...

shosssssss ahak nalang ning mga criminal way mabuhat. d pud na maayo eundang ug gamit credit card kay mangamote ta nga kinahanglanon man kaau?

juliana said...


you should immediately check your credit report from the 3 credit bureaus. it seem like someone is made aware of your credit card account information. if I were you, I would immediately request a credit freeze as these thieves can open accounts under your name.

also, the fraud protection you got from Chase is just for your account with Chase, right? I'm not too sure about that, but if it's fraud protection for all your credit accounts, it should have shielded you from having another fraudulent charge.

Ebie said...

I had an experience where someone called USBank and requested for a replacement of a lost card and mailed at the different address. Before they could process that request, their fraud department called me and informed me of the situation. They immediately canceled my old card and sent me a new replacement. At that same time WFB called me that there is an impending transaction (that of my daughter, an extention) to verify if it was legit. So I approved it.
Just remember to shred all papers with relevant information. Also, do not open any phishing emails. Report or forward those emails to the credit card company.

Greg said...

I was hit by card fraud about 18 months ago, but it was not from anything I had done online.

I had used my card in an ATM locally here in UK one evening, the next morning I received a call on my landline from my banks fraud department asking if I had attempted to withdraw some cash from an ATM in India?

Fortunately the bank had stopped the transaction. It turned out to be a local gas station who had a cctv aimed at pin machine, and there was a large number of people locally that had been effected.

So, don't assume the fraud was due to an online transaction, these days I feel safe using cards online than I do offline.


Cassey said...

So do you feel that it is not secure to use credit card at anywhere even online even it stated 'secure'?

AdinB said...

Really ate Jhen? Oh my goodness. Thank God we don't have that kind of problem. One of Tim's co-teachers had the same problem unya ang nakapait kay they used it for purchasing you know porn online.. waaaaaaa but they got it solved and now protected na! hope wala namo problem ate Jhen with credit cards.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG!!!!! Makarma sana ung magnanakaw!

bingkee said...

My husband and I registered in some credit card protection theft ...try Debix. And next time, buy from sites that accept Paypal.

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