Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm breaking stuff here!

Within 1 week, I managed to break 2 vacuum cleaners. I hope I didn’t sound like I’m proud of this stupid feat, but I may be one of the very few that had achieved this. I didn’t realize how did I do it, but the belt of our old cleaner snapped. Well, it could be that it had become frayed after years of usage. But the fact that I was the one using it when that happened somehow made me feel liable. We could have had simply bought a replacement belt, but as I’ve said, it’s an old vacuum, Jeff bought it a few years before I even got here which was almost 2 years ago, not to mention it would no longer stand on its own because the release button is broke, too. Guess whose fault was it? Yours truly. When I decided to clean for the first time since my arrival, I jerked the vacuum cleaner back before pressing the release button. So, we really think we need to get a new one. So off we went to Walmart. There were so many different kinds of vacuums to choose from. They even have cleaners designed for pet owners. We don’t have pets but for those who have, you might want to check this out for your pet supplements. Anyway, we chose the bagless cleaner with HEPA filter. I was excited with our purchase that I use it right away when we came back home. A big mistake! I accidentally sucked up the spaghetti-strap of my black cami. It made a whirling sound and smelled something rubber burning before I frantically hit the on/off switch. Apparently, I wasn't quick enough because it snapped the belt in two. Waaaahhh!!! I felt so bad. Hubby was so kind in telling me that it's okay because we bought an extra belt anyway. But that didn't stop me from feeling so stupid. I told hubby that I'm calling myself the great vacuum destroyer, hahaha!

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