Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Day Experience in Branson

We're now here in Branson, Missouri!!! Traffic here sucks...but it's alright...we're on a no rush. The drive to Branson which I thought was only 2 hours actually took longer than that. But I enjoyed the scenic drive up north, so I wasn't going to complain. It rained a little bit when we got here but that didn't stop us from doing the stuff that we came here for. We went to Titanic Museum and Hollywood Wax Museum today. The visit to Titanic was neat. The building looks like a real ship. They have all sorts of neat information, artifacts, galleries about the huge sunken ship, crew, passengers and even about the famous Titanic movie. They even give you a boarding pass bearing the name of a real Titanic passenger when you get in to the museum, then before you exit out of the museum, you'll be able to know if that passenger survives or not. I've seen the Titanic movie but the visit to Titanic museum today made me learn a lot of facts about the ship that sank on April 15, 1912.

Something uncool happened though. It was raining, traffic was heavy on our way to the museum, then when we got there, I found out that the batteries of our camera need to be changed. Great! The charger and the other set of batteries were left at the hotel and it's unthinkable to go back in that crazy traffic jam, so Jeff and I were debating whether to go in without a camera or drive back out of the parking lot and find a convenience store and pick out new batteries. I told him I'm not going in and pay the exorbitant fee of $25.00/each without a camera. I need to take photos, you know! So hubby was forced to drive us out of the parking lot and look for a convenience store. It probably took us another 20 minutes to get back to the museum with a new set of batteries for our camera. So I'm back to my jovial and excited face again when we stepped out of the truck, ready to start the Titanic tour with our camera on hand. But guess what!!! There was a sign in front of the ticket line that says "No cameras or videotaping allowed!" Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! All I managed to say to hubby was, "I'm sorry, Babe!" Imagine the trouble we had to go through just to get new batteries but we couldn't use the camera after all, lol! Thankfully, he wasn't mad at me or anything, he just said "Well, then let's get back to the truck and leave the camera there, then." We both enjoyed the experience inside the museum but we don't have photos to go along with it. However, I was able take photos inside the Hollywood Wax Museum but I'm just gonna post it next time.

Tomorrow, we're gonna be hitting Tanger Outlet Mall for Memorial Weekend Sale shopping. Hubby is fascinated with all sorts of History so we're visiting the Veteran's Museum sometime tomorrow. Then at 8:00 P.M, we're going to watch "Acrobats of China". I'm excited! For now, I'm signing off. Oh wait! The hotel serves free cobbler, ice-cream and cookies so we're taking advantage of that before going to bed. Well, it doesn't sound healthy but who cares! We're on vacation anyway, hehehehe!!!

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Lainy said...


May you enjoy your vacation in grand style. Upon reading this post, I reckon you already are taking the most out of this vacation.

I used to only read about Branson when one makes paid reviews, I even made a few for myself. But reading your post made me think: Yes, Branson is for real ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello Jhenn... wow! on the go na jud mo sa summer vacation... That's cool! unfortunately, I have to work for 6 months and no travel... vacations will be this fall and winter time. Enjoy Jhenn!

meretrisha said...

hi net.. hmmm, it looks like you're always out on vacation. that's good! have a great time