Monday, March 4, 2013

I want to be a working mom!

I appreciate the fact that I didn't need to go to work and just be a stay-at-home mom for my little guy. But after 2 years of being a homemaker, my desire to go back to work in an office setting has been getting stronger and stronger each day. Having lived here in Helena for a year now, it made me realize that landing a good job for me is quite possible. Being the capital city of Montana, there are numerous state job offers in this city. And I'd be hypocrite not to admit that I'm really enticed to apply for one. After college, I have always had to work. I know that being a mom is also a full time job but quite frankly, I've missed the adult interaction and the ins and outs in the corporate world. So lately I have been job hunting. I have a degree in Management Accounting so I want to start my career here in that field, God-willing! I am hoping I could practice what I've studied in college since all my previous jobs were all Information Technology related. There are quite a few entry level Accounting positions in our city right now. I just hope I'd be given a chance soon.

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meretrisha said...

Why am I not surprised? :-) Good luck with job hunting, jenn. I'm sure you'll have a hard time deciding which job offers to take. By the way, who's going to watch over Caleb when you're working? I suggest you let your mom and dad come over.. :-)