Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laptop woes.

My laptop has been acting weird all afternoon. I am not sure if it's the internet connection or the disk space. I kept losing internet at the same time getting this low memory message. It seemed to happen at the same time. After my first round of Alexa Hops, I just gave up and went downstairs to use hubby's desktop. Strangely enough, the internet there was working great. No interruptions at all. So I thought it could have been my built-in Wi-Fi. Or I  should probably be clearing up some disk space. I have tons of videos and photos on my laptop and i think it's probably best for me to get an external hard drive. Temporarily though, what I'm doing is move the old videos and pictures in a CD, then delete them from my laptop. I hope this will help with the memory space issue. I can't afford to have an inefficient computer now that I have so much blogging related things that needs to be done.

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