Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Wheels On the Bus CD

I was given the chance to receive a sample CD from Groove Kid Nation. It features 10 familiar children songs done in a funky, groovy and upbeat tunes. My son's personal favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus" which happens to be the CD title. It has garnered various awards and citations because of its unique way of introducing the sound of real musical instruments to toddlers. My little guy starts to stomp his foot and makes a swaying motion every time I play this CD. Even I myself couldn't help from dancing and singing along to the groovy tunes of the songs. Indeed, this is a fun way to introduce my toddler to music. Definitely, the best children's CD there is. And I have seen and heard tons of different variations of classic children's music over the internet and this is by far the most unique and enjoyable one.

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