Sunday, March 10, 2013

Silver Rewind Concert.

I've always liked the Songbird. To me, she's the epitome of a real star. Her vocal prowess is like no other. Like all her fans, I felt terribly bad when she couldn't perform her best during her Silver Anniversary concert because she was sick. Her voice faltered but she has shown how professional she was and how much her fans mean to her by not cancelling the show. It didn't matter to her if she may have looked like a fool trying so hard to hit the high notes but just couldn't do it. She wanted to try and make it a good show but she's only human. She has limitations too. She felt her audience deserve a better performance than what she gave them so she promised everyone a free rewind concert when she gets better. And this is what I'm sharing below. I watched it with hubby last night, lol! Thanks YouTube for this upload. :) I think she's still the best there is, no matter what! (gave birth, gained weight and all that =)

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