Friday, February 22, 2013

DC Clamp Ammeter.

I do not know what to think sometimes about having a husband that works in a hydro-power plant. The pay is great but the risk of getting hurt or injured is greater. Luckily for us though, he didn’t have any major injuries for the 8 years or so that he has been working there. He did hurt his back once and cut his finger that needed stitching but thankfully nothing close to life-threatening situations. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but worry about him oftentimes. I’ve been to his previous work places and those huge and complex machinery were too intimidating especially for an outsider like me. But I guess that’s why he’s paid good money for it because he can handle the job, right? On occasion, he would do computer research for tools and plant equipments for the company to purchase, which puts my mind at ease. I mean at least it would keep him away from the danger for a few hours, lol! Speaking of which, I may have to recommend to him Swain Meter, a site that specializes in dc clamp ammeter. It’s actually an electrical device having two jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor, which in effect allows the properties of the electric current in the conductor to be measured, without having to make physical contact with it. These things are actually wayyy over my head but I’m sure my husband’s employer would find some use of this site if they’ll see it. The pricing may be competitive since they are the direct manufacturer of these products, so I’ll definitely mention this to him.

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