Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts on desktop computer upgrade

Three years ago when I came to the U.S., one of the things that kept me sane was our desktop computer with high-speed internet service. Back in the PI when I used to own a 256-mb RAM computer with a dial-up connection that sucks, I’d say a 1GB RAM computer with a powerful internet connection was a tremendous improvement. A year after, when I started blogging and doing multiple computer tasks such as uploading photos, downloading music and videos, using Photoshop for photo-editing, along with doing random researching, I realized our old desktop computer couldn’t keep up with my online activities. Then hubby got me an HP laptop with a 4GB RAM and it had worked excellently for me. Occasionally, I still get to use our old computer but it no longer has the same appeal to me than it had 3 years ago. Hubby had thought about getting a new set after too many inconvenient crashes while in the midst of playing his computer games and I think it’s a good idea to upgrade but unfortunately, it has not been on top of the priority list yet. With just about anything major that we’d like to buy, we always like to know what other people think about the product so when we’re ready to seriously consider of getting a new computer, I think it will help us with our decision to read desktop computer reviews on the internet. Probably along with the computer upgrade is the need to purchase a new computer table as well. A touch-screen computer monitor might just be a luxury but it wouldn’t hurt to canvass those too. My DIL owns one and he’s got the fastest computer unit I have ever seen. However, as of now, I’m happy with the performance of my laptop so if hubby doesn’t think we need to upgrade yet then definitely it can surely wait.

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