Saturday, July 3, 2010

Putting up weight each week

I am currently 19 weeks far along and now weighs 130 lbs. I’ve been putting up weight lately and my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit. So I went shopping for new jeans, dress and underwear the other day. I was glad Victoria Secret had ongoing sale in their store and was able to find the right sizes for me. I know pregnant women gain weight so it didn’t bother me as much as when I was not pregnant. It’s just a bummer sometimes though to see lots of friends on Facebook that are currently on different types of weight loss programs such as 7 day fat burner extreme and are successfully losing weight for the summer. But anyway, I know I can start my own weight loss regimen as well hopefully next year.

2 replies:

My Life as A MOM said...

Hey Jenn, does the 7 day burner reall work? Am I also friends with them in FB? Would probably try it if one of them actually used it and worked. LOL!

Bchai said...

Don't worry about the weight now. Just concentrate on staying healthy for yourself and the baby. As long as you're not lazy, you'll see the pounds melt away after you give birth. ;)