Monday, July 26, 2010

A different world back then

I’d say students in today’s generation are fortunate because of the influx of affordable and user-friendly technological gadgets. Looking back, I didn’t own a cellphone until after I graduated from college and had a job. I remember I used to drool over the bulky Nokia 5110 that one of my college professors used to own and told myself when I get a job, my first project is to buy a Nokia 8210 phone. Unfortunately, it got snatched away by some bystanders a few months after I bought it on my way home, tsk. tsk. tsk. I was able to buy a new one a few months after though. When I was still in school, I didn’t know a thing about laptops, audio and mp3 players and stuff. All I know is that they’re expensive and we can’t afford them, hehe. My point is it’s a different world back then. My youngest sister got to have her first cellphone when she was in grade school. She’s a Nursing student and she has a laptop for her school needs. I’m glad in a way that the world has drawn to be high-techie, and probably a better one for the younger generation.

However, the situation back in my country about snatchers, holduppers and muggers apparently hasn’t changed. While it has become easier nowadays to acquire these cool gadgets, it has also become easier for the bad guys to steal your precious belongings in a blink of an eye. So I’ve always reminded my sister not to carry anything valuable when she leaves for school. If it’s inevitable and she really has to bring her phone or laptop with her, I told her not to hesitate and just give them what they want. Things are replaceable, but life is not. I came across with an information about student laptop insurance once while I was googling something on the internet. I thought it’s nice to have insurance policies that cover small personal belongings like laptops and IPads. Your stuff will be protected from accidental damage, liquid damage and drops, theft, fire, vandalism and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes to name a few. Although, this might not be available in the PI yet but it’s great to have this option someday.

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Bchai said...

I don't blame people for insuring their personal gadgets. I think parents of teens with laptops in college should invest in laptop insurance. Well, those with super pricey laptops.

And you know how kids like to party when they're in college! ;)