Thursday, July 1, 2010

A country feel in your own home

I’ve always admired people who take time to decorate their homes and arrange their furniture in a way that makes the house looks lovely and alive. I’ll have to admit I don’t have the talent, energy and the patience to intricately well thought-out how to arrange stuff and what to hang on the walls in the house. It’s my sister and mom who had that talent in the family. I get some inspirations from them and apply it occasionally. I don’t decorate our house very well, but I must say I try to make it simple, clean and livable. Recently, we went to a very homey and country style restaurant and got attracted with the bamboo blinds they use as their window shades. It created a relaxing ambience to the place and I was just wondering if there are actually people who use country-style themes to decorate their abode. I haven’t seen one yet but the idea doesn’t sound absurd, does it?

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