Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bonding with Pinays at Bull Shoals Lake

I know it's been a while since I've shared some interesting personal posts here on my blog. I don't want to make excuses so I will flat out admit that I kind of lose interest in blogging for a while. It could be from the crazy hormones brought by my pregnancy, nonetheless, I couldn't give up blogging for good. I just hope that despite my long absence, I still have readers and loyal friends who would still find the interest to know the latest about me.

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I found new Filipina friends in town. We still keep in touch every once in a while. A month ago, they gave me a surprise visit and asked if I would love to join them swim and hang out in Bull Shoals Lake. I can't swim and I have no interest to even jump in the water especially in my condition but I know I would enjoy being with familiar faces and to get out of the house once in a while. So I didn't think twice, I joined them. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to get ready. I just put on some clean clothes and off we went. I offered to be their official photographer on that day since I don't want to swim anyway and was not in the mood to be included in the picture taking, lol. So sorry you can't find me in the photos. But I promise to share some latest pics of me soon to give you an idea how bigger I have become, hehe. Anyway, I was glad I got out of the house and breathe some fresh air. The weather was awesome on that day, it wasn't too hot for me. I made hubby a little worried though because it was impromptu and he was at work so he came home with an empty house. I called home a few minutes after he arrived from work so everything was cleared up. I don't go out alone that often so he worries a lot but he likes for me to have fun with Filipinas even without him.

The placid lake of Bull Shoals

Some teenagers just chillin' out by the lake shore

Here's my Filipina friends

Other swimmers



Friend Nylor with our cute little girl "Brandy"

Oops, one night I crave for pusit and nilat-ang baboy so I made some for dinner. It was yummy. Glad I have the energy lately to cook some foods that I crave.

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Cacai M. said...

Thanks for sharing Jenn.. am one of those many nga ningdalaw dre, og I know nga hiatus ka 2ngod sa imong condition. Ako mn gani nga dli buntis, ag-hiatus mn gani sad ko 'sahay but not that long ky saonz nlng.. ;) ba? :-D Anyway, nice kaau ang lake.. and imo ko gitagaan og idea about mais ibutang sa nilaga.. aya kalami.. naa ko dre lutoonon but ako ibutang batong og bokchoy/petchay.. heheh.. next time magbutang ko mais.. lami pod baka og chinese cabbage isagol.. sge.. tc as always.. :)

eden said...

Hi, Jenn!

Nice kaayo ang lake. Mao sad mi diri basta summer moadto sa lake or river. Glad you had a great time there. Naglaway ko sa imong nilat anang baboy.Lami kaayo ron ihigop ug init nga sabaw kay tugnaw kaayo diri..hehehe.. magluto ko ug ingon ana. naka dumdum ko sa pochero sa ato nga naay mais.

:) said...

aww you all look like you are having a wonderful time. Its nice to see you back. I hope you are well and are feeling much better.

anney said...

Ang ganda naman ng lugar. Parang napaka serene. Parang dinaanan ng bagyo ang food a. hehehe!

Bchai said...

Glad to see you're out of the house and enjoying your pregnancy along with some good friends! The lake looks like a totally neat place to relax and have a picnic (or BBQ)! I'd be the first one to dive in and the last to come out. LOL. Oh, and the food looks Y U M M Y! Good thing you went, because you can enjoy being with friends and eating delicious food.

Also, I WANNA SEE PREG-O pics!!! ;)

Twerlyn said...

sos abi najud nako makakita na mi sa imong latest pics hehe! Basin buntis pa ka Jen inig ka buntis nako hehe! Nice shots btw. ayo-ayo diha..
PS .. layo inyo area sa HorseShoe Arkansas Jenn? Ambot kung naka ask nako nimo b4 ani hehe! wa ko basa sa reply.

ilovepink1078 said...

nakakaingit sis. Anyway, nice to hear that. At least socialize with other pinay. I like it sis.
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AdinB said...

Maayo kay kamao naka mo luto ate Jhen.. hehehe.. bitaw nice kay makakaon na ka this time. Ingat!

Nice pod inyoha new place dihaa.. nice kay naa pod mga pinays.