Saturday, July 24, 2010

Never too early to think about presents

I find it especially hard to think of something to give as a present to males. I’ve always had this problem when Christmas and birthdays come and time to get hubby, dad, DIL or even BIL a present. I don’t think they’ll appreciate clothes and accessories, so I always consider personalizing their gifts. It’s a little bit difficult if you don’t know the person well, since you know less about his interests and stuff. But most men are into sports or at least appreciate certain kinds of sports so it might help to know what sport they like and get something like personalized basketballs, golf sets or even working tools. In a few months time, it's Christmas so get your creative thoughts flowing and be ready for gift-shopping.

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Bchai said...'re right about that. Men are soooo hard to buy presents for, unless they're your husband or a family member whose likes and dislikes you know fairly well. Ugh, don't remind me that X-mas is coming up in a few months---it's always a headache shopping for gifts! ;)