Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surprise visit from friends

I remember somebody told me before that wherever you are in the U.S., you can always find a Filipina. This is true! For the past 3 years, we've lived in small towns with a population of 3,000 or less. I was so sure back then that I'd be the only Pinay in our area but I was wrong. Filipinos are everywhere. I'm glad that I have my own circle of friends here in our area and most of them are Bisaya. Cool!

Last month, they gave me a surprise visit at home. They brought lots of food and some baby stuff. Hubby and I thought it was so nice of them to do that for me. We actually don't entertain much because both of us are shy so they are the first group of friends that we've had in the house. I was quite nervous but I really had a great time. We ate, chatted a lot and watched a Tagalog movie. I've met and bonded with them before and I feel like we've grown much closer after the visit. I am happy to have found a group of Pinays that get along well.

Pinobre style na kaon...gutom na kaau ug mga hitsura ay, hehe!

Pasensya na, unsaon gamay ra kaau amo payag, hehe!

Picture-picture dayon kay busog na man...

My favorites


Never had this much vehicles in our driveway before, lol!

Below are some photos back when I first met them. Thank you so much guys for the wonderful friendship!!!

5 replies:

AdinB said...

Ay ka nice ate oi. That is good nabisita ka nila.. maayo gani kay naa dihaa ubay-ubay na mga pinays... that is good!

Adin B

Mayet said...

it's nice to have so many friends around!! and those food--yummy!

:) said...

so nice to have many friends in such a small town. how do you like living in a small town? sounds kind of fun. hope you are well and many blessings to you and your hubby and soon to be little boy :)

A Walk Through Life said...

wow, you're so lucky to have found them. and they are lucky to have you as well.

Eden said...

So sweet naman nila, Jhen. Dili gyud kaayo tantong mingaw kay naa man daghan diha mga Pinay..