Friday, November 26, 2010

Another First: Making our own Thanksgiving memories together.

Since any day now I could possibly go into labor, we decided not to spend Thanksgiving dinner with Jeff's dad and relatives. For the past 2 years, we've always celebrated Thanksgiving with them. I find it convenient since we didn't have to cook or prepare anything which was cool, hehe! It was a long drive to their place though which I really didn't mind at all back then since we love road trips. But that has changed because of my condition. I am now 39 weeks far along and we couldn't risk taking a 4-hour drive. So we thought of just making our first Thanksgiving memories together in our home. We didn't have guests but still we prepared a little something for us to enjoy together. We have so much to thank for this year. A grand wedding of my dreams was made into reality on the early part this year. I went back to the PI for the first time and see my family again after 2 long years of being away from them. Apart from all the material things that we get to enjoy, the most precious gift of all is having our future bundle of joy in the next few days or so. Life has been really treating us well and I thank God for that. The cooking and baking part was kinda tiring but it was a whole new experience for me and we had fun spending some time together in the kitchen. The kitchen was a mess after the preparation but it was all worth it. We had another wonderful "us" memory that we could look back as we get older. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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kimmy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! May you have a safe delivery..

A.M.I.N.A said...

Hello Jen!DRopping by here hoping to see pictures of your baby, wala pa diay ka nanganak.Praying for your safe delivery.