Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally I bid goodbye to acne

One of the good effects that this pregnancy had on me is an end to my seemingly futile battle against acne. I had acne problems pre-pregnancy and it even came to a point where I needed some aesthetic care intervention. I had tried all different kinds of acne products but to no avail. Although they had controlled mostly the problem area but they still keep coming back no matter what I did. I was amazed when I noticed that on my second trimester of pregnancy, my face started to clear up even when I had stopped using acne medication. Could it be the pre-natal vitamins I am taking or just simply the pregnancy hormones? I don’t know for certain but I am really glad that my face has taken some break from acne flare-ups. I hope this would be a permanent thing already because it sure feels wonderful not having to worry about constant breakouts anymore.

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