Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Make the most out of your iPhone

I must admit I don’t keep up with the cell phone technology. We have a very efficient landline with great features so I don’t see the need of paying monthly cell phone bills since I stay at home all the time. Hubby calls me from work during break times using landline. I communicate with friends and family through instant messaging, Facebook, and of course landline phones. So the only time that I would probably need a cell phone is when we travel. And for those few occasions when we have to leave home and go someplace else, I carry a prepaid cellphone with me. I bought it at Walmart at a very cheap price. I’ve been keeping it for 2 years now. I can only count with my fingers how many times I have put it to use but nonetheless, it had served the purpose when we’re away from home. I still have plenty of minutes left and to think it’s been like almost a year now since I bought a $25 dollar prepaid load, hehe! That’s why I really don’t care much about the fancy cell phone updates and stuff. But of course I have heard about Droids, iPhones, Blackberry and the like. To keep up with the stiff technology competition, they seem to have new product features and updates every single week. Okay, I’m probably just exaggerating but yeah it drives me insane watching all those fancy cellphone commercials. Recently, I have heard about this iphone recovery spy data stick. It looks like an ordinary USB flash drive that can recover deleted text messages, calls, contacts, appointments and pictures. At first glance, it seems promising but as I’ve read on, they talk about popularly using it to catch cheating spouses and monitoring other people’s cell phone activities. Whoa! Isn’t that scary? That’s completely invasion of privacy, right? But anyway, it probably depends on how a person uses it. Generally, I guess it’s another wonderful product feature that you can use on an iPhone.

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