Sunday, October 10, 2010

To have a boss or not

I have always heard the cliché from people that you can’t get rich if you’re only employed. That if you want to be successful and rich, you need to venture into feasible business opportunities. At some point, this could be true. Although at this present global economic crisis, most businesses might find it hard to prosper, let alone survive. Just the other day, a small hardware business in town has closed for good. Hubby wanted to get some stuff for his woodworking but was disappointed when he found out the only hardware store in town is out of business. I’d say the success of a business venture depends on a number of things. I find it safe to just be employed rather than run the risk of losing everything in a snap.

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Nova said...

if you really want to do the risky thing you gotta try it... we don't know what is ahead of us