Friday, October 8, 2010

Hassle-free steel building kits

It’s a given, most women like to shop, while men love to tinker around the shop/garage. When hubby is not on the computer, he’s out in the garage keeping himself busy with small mechanical and woodworking stuff. It’s a hobby and I definitely support him on that all the way. As long as he still spends quality time with me, which he does, so I don’t see any problem if he spends some of his spare time enriching himself. I wish he has a real working place to work on though. The house comes with a shop but it’s not properly ventilated and lit, so we're using it as our storage shed and he's currently using a little space in our garage to do his thing. I know some places sell pre-engineered steel buildings for small shops, warehouse and even a garage, but we don't want to make house improvements since we're only renting the place right now. It's definitely something to consider though when we get to move in to our own house.

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