Sunday, October 31, 2010

On stretch marks

While some people have acne and age spots as their skin concerns, I’d say mine right now are the nasty stretch marks. Yes, I have been getting them already. Mine are mostly on my sides. It doesn’t itch yet but it just looks unsightly. I know it’s quite normal for most pregnant women to have them. I’ve read that there are creams and oils available to make them fade at least. I’m thinking of trying some and see if it works. But if it won’t, then I guess it’s just alright. Anyway, I don’t wear two-piece bikinis or anything revealing since I don’t have a nice body to flaunt with in the first place, lol!

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AdinB said...

Ate Jhen how is your pregnancy so far? Hapit napod ka manganak sa? Anyway, ang akoa lang jud nga ginagamit most of the time for my tummy kay olive oil ate.. so mao wala jud ko stretch marks sa tummy pero naa gamay sa legs kay na ignore nako ug butang ug oil mao naa gamay nga visible stretch marks. Pero wala jud ko sa tyan kay permi jud banyusan ug EVOO. Mura nagud ko ug ready to grill sa ka oily. hahahaha... inig kagabei rapod nuon before sleeping. :) Hope you have a great pregnancy and good birthing! Good Luck!