Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not that convenient after all

Easy access to online shopping has its perks. But it could be stressful to a point especially if the items you’ve ordered weren’t really the way you expected them to be. Just recently, I have ordered winter maternity clothes since it’s almost impossible for me to go out in my summer outfits anymore, not in this weather. I have also gotten some flat winter boots from a friend online but to my dismay some of the clothes and the boots that I’ve ordered didn’t fit right, so I’ll have to return them by mail. Some have hassle-free return policy but others are just a pain in the buttocks to deal with. I hope I won’t need an anti wrinkle eye cream when this is over. I try not to be upset about it since it’s my decision in the first place to risk getting clothes and shoes online. I think I've learned my lesson well.

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